Beyond the Touch Screen

Stay PROTECTED, CONNECTED and ENGAGED with LAVA's Simulcharge Tablet Kiosk.
Our all-in-one tablet-based kiosk features a built-in LAVA connectivity adapter and a secure enclosure for Samsung tablets.


Transforms a tablet into a multi-purpose kiosk with USB enabled peripherals while charging

Battery Modulation for Samsung Tablets

Battery Modulation

Protects the tablet battery from overcharging to maximize your kiosk operation lifespan

Power over Ethernet and Wired Network

Cost-effective power and reliable network solution through PoE eliminates electrical barriers

USB/Wall Charging Adapter

2 x USB ports for connecting USB peripherals

Enables configuration with multiple USB peripherals to expand tablet kiosk functionality

Rely on the Best for Your Kiosk

LAVA, in partnership with Samsung, delivers the most reliable tablet kiosk solution on the market.
Easy deployment, flexible Android mobile application development, and connectivity that will keep your business reliably enagaged with your customers.

Samsung Partnership